Include custom connector (Java) into SaaS environment

Hi, based on this question on connectors, I decided to build one that is capable of using mTLS (based on the connector template repo).

But even before doing that I wonder : how does one publish the java code to the Camunda 8 SaaS runtime environment ?
Or is that only possible with self managed deployments ?

I know I can add the JSON file to have the connector available in the modeler but I suppose somehow the process engine will need the java implementation of the connector function etc. and I don’t know how to supply it.

Thanks in advance and if there are any questions, let me know.

Hi @Luis_Englaender,

Currently, custom connectors are only available in Camunda 8 self-hosted:

You can use the Camunda Connector SDK in combination with Connector templates to develop custom Connectors . These custom Connectors can then be used by process developers in your Self-Managed environment in the same way they would use out-of-the-box Connectors.

Alright, thank you @StephanHaarmann. Is there any other way you can think of to communicate with REST Apis over mTLS then ? Maybe wrap the custom connector in a job worker like this or use a regular job worker to begin with ?

Hello @Luis_Englaender ,

the connector-sdk you are referring to is still in development. Please test it and create your worker with it, but do not run it in production.

Anyway, a connector will consist of 2 things: the element template which is the contract, and the connector code which implements the contract. So both options you mention will work.

If you have more questions, please create a new thread so we can keep track.