Include Renderer + Meta Model extension


I have two questions: I am using this exmaple: GitHub - bpmn-io/bpmn-js-example-custom-elements: An example of how to support custom elements in bpmn-js while ensuring BPMN 2.0 compatibility.

  1. I created my own meta model extension. This first part:
    “name”: “UnrechtmaessigeVerarbeitung”,
    “superClass”: [ “bpmn:Task” ],
    “properties”: [
    “name”: “renderings”,
    “type”: “Rendering”,
    “isMany”: true
    “name”: “implementation”,
    “isAttr”: true,
    “type”: “String”

is no problem. But I created this part:
“name”: “Informationspflichtverletzung”,
“superClass”: [

When I use it in the camunda modeler I get this error:
[diagram_1.bpmn] (0 , this.handlers[n]) is not a function

  1. I want to render my own Metamodel my own way, so I am using the example. How can I include my Renderer. Is it like the Meta model with: registerBpmnJSModdleExtension(ModdleExtension)?

Thanks for help