Increase limit for number of parallel fetchAndLock calls?

Hi, we are currently using Camunda 7.16 (community edition) and are running into an issue with the hardcoded cap of 200 parallel pending fetchAndLock calls per process engine instance.
Is it possible/sensible to raise that cap to a higher number (as an example 2000)? If so, what would be needed to trigger such a feature request?


  1. We are forced by other business requirements to limit the number of requested topicnames per fetchAndLock. So we cannot reduce the number of fetchAndLock calls by requesting more topicnames per call.
  2. Due to FetchAndLock long polling response times are inconsistent with multiple instances of Camunda Engine (raised by one of my colleagues back then) we are forced to send all fetchAndLock calls to one process engine instance only.

Obviously other suggestions to address our problem are also welcome.