Initial zoom for process instance view


I have a process model with height and width approx. equal. When I go to an instance of this process in cockpit, the diagram is displayed with such a zoom value that the whole model fits onto the canvas. But at this zoom level all elements appear very small so that I have to zoom in to be able to see the labels and texts.

Is it possible to set a min. possible zoom level (e.g. 80%)? I want that the initial zoom used (for any model) is never below that. If the diagram does not fit completely – so be it. After that I can adjust the zoom level manually if needed.

Is it possible do what I want? Some JavaScript tricks with the underlyig bpms.js library?

Thank you for any hints.

Hello my friend!

I’m not the best person to talk about front-end, but I believe there is no native Camunda solution for zooming in the cockpit area.

And resorting to external solutions may not be a good option, because let’s say you create or look for an external solution for zoom-in based on the element with id “x”, and Camunda for some reason changes the id of this element to "y ", this would already cause problems.

But like I said, I’m terrible at the front-end hehehe.

William Robert Alves

I once had seen someone manipulating the BPMN view by interactively changing some properties. E.g. the view was inverted. Hence I thought it would be easy to set the zoom.

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