Input parameter mapping and tasklistener

I have a tasklistener and i have input parameter mapping. I want to use the input parameter mapping in my tasklistener but I don’t want to store the input mapping as process variables. I’m noticing that the input mapping variables are being stored in the history tables. Is there a way to use input mapping for task listeners without having to store those variables in the histroy tables.

In my use case I need to create an email after the task has been created, I’ve defined the body, to and cc as input mapping. The transaction rolls back as the engine is trying to save the email body in the process history table and blows up as the body is too big to store.

Is there a way to do this without storing the email body?


Hi @aminmc,

Input parameters are always persisted as history unless the history level filters them. So you can either avoid using input parameters, or you can use a history level that doesn’t persist the variables. If you want to have history for other variables, you could consider implementing a custom history level that filters variables that follow a specific naming pattern.