Input Select in Embedded Forms won't assign the value from variable

Camunda embedded form is not showing up SELECT input fields in forms with pre-populated values from execution.

Script(or any setting during the process before calling the user Task):

execution.setVariable(“team”, “Inter”)

In the form i tried the followings:
HTML version 1 (simple options):

	<select cam-variable-name="team" cam-variable-type="String">

HTML version 2 (values and descr.):

		<option value="Milan">Milan</option>
         <option value="Inter">Inter</option>

None of these methods work. Any solution will show ‘Milan’’ as selected, but the team variable should be ‘Inter’.

Replacing select input with a text input the value is correct (‘Inter’ as expected).

Why select is not working? I’m I missing something?

Note: I don’t need cam-choices attribute for this case.

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Hi @Mizar01,

Have you found a solution to this? I am having the same issue, I see the camunda variable’s original value points to the correct value but it doesn’t select the right option in the dropdown and rather assigns it a new value (the first option in the dropdown).

Hi @some-camunda-user,
I actually resorted to a custom solution adding code to the form-load and fetching phases.

Hope you’ll understand this:

<cam-script> ... 

var varManager = camForm.variableManager;
// ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
// WOKAROUND SELECT - Management of select fields
// ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
var camSelectList = {};
$("select").each(function() {
  var camWA = $(this).attr("cam-var-workaround");
  if (camWA) {
  	camSelectList[camWA] = $(this) 
camForm.on('form-loaded', function() {
	// fetching selects
	for (var camWA in camSelectList) {

camForm.on('variables-fetched', function() {
	// Setting the value on selects
	for (var camWA in camSelectList) {

		var select = camSelectList[camWA]
		var v = varManager.variableValue(camWA)

		// If variable does not exist in execution it must be re-created as we desire (to null)
		if (!v) {
			// Create the variable in the correct way
					name: camWA,
					type: 'String',
					value: null,
					isDirty: true
			varManager.variableValue(camWA, "")


Any select input must be written like this:

<select  cam-var-workaround='the_execution_variable_name'>