Input validation in DMN

Many times when we run a decision it is a two-step process. The first step is validation and the second step is decisions.
I was reading this article on validating input data and trying to figure out if we can create similar validations in the Camunda DMN engine.

@Tanay_Purwar interesting thank you for sharing!

Yes, you could do something similar with Camunda Platform 7/8. The DMN engine supports decision tables and decision literal expressions.

For more complex expressions, have a look at the FEEL docs: Introduction | FEEL-Scala. It also contains an example for validation: Context Samples | FEEL-Scala

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Links don’t work anymore…

Hi @Bjorn_S,

the first one is here: Introduction | FEEL-Scala

the second link moved to here: Context expressions | FEEL-Scala

Hope this helps, Ingo