Input variables null in dmn history

Hi! I use dmn engine with bpmn engine inside my sprintboot application. I set history level to FULL.
But in database no value, and in rest api no values in dmn_input.

I call rest/history/decision-instance/15124?includeInputs=true&includeOutputs=true

I use 7.10 version. How i can persist input variables in DMN?

Hi @kotskin,

this sounds odd. Can you please provide a JUnit test? This would make it easier to reproduce the issue.

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I had the same issue. The value in the history was always NULL but the evaluation result was correct.

After some debugging I found out that using the “Input Variable” field in the DMN might be the cause of the problem. After adding the variable name as “Input Expression” as well it’s value is correctly stored in the historic tables and thus shown in the cockpit.

So for now I use both - “Input Variable” and “Input Expression” with the same value. But I would like to use only one, since evaluating works just fine with the first one.

I hope this might help.


@ElectroLutz, thank’s for sharing :+1:

I think there is a misunderstanding in the usage of the input variable. Please have a look at the docs:

The input variable should only be used if you are not using FEEL for the input entries. In any case, the input expression should always be used to get the input value for the input entries.

Does this make sense for you?

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