Inputs/Outputs parameters on camunda modeler, and interaction with that

Hello everyone!

As you can see i am a newbie in camunda.
But i’m interesting of it.
My next step in researchment is Inputs/Outputs parameters in camunda modeller.

So i want to understand why do we need to use Inputs/Outputs parameters?
Currently i can get/put variables from/to context from java code.

So my general question is - what is Inputs and Outputs parameters in modeler, and how to interact with that from java code?

Can someone explain or throw to me any link to read about that?
I did not find related info on Introduction |

Thanks for any advice.

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Sure thing.

If you happen to have for instance some service that takes a variable called name and does a lookup and returns what it finds thats all well and good id the variable in the process is also called name but if there where two variables called firstName and secondName you could use the input to create a new variable from the existing ones. Like this:

The reason this might happen is if this particular service was reused across lots of processes and you couldn’t be sure all the processes have the same variable in the context.

@Niall as i understood interaction from java with inputs/outputs parameters have the same behavior as context variables?
in other words variables defined in inputs/outputs are context variables too?

If they’re defined as inputs they become local variables only accessible by the task itself, not any other part of the process.

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@Niall thank you very much!

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