Install 7.8.0 on a Mac?

I’d like to demonstrate a demo of how processes can be automated using camunda bpm. Feeling pretty safe with modeling bpmn and dmn, I am a novice to installing web server and stuff alike. I have understood that the download on the camunda page includes a ready-to-go apache server with camunda installed on it including the famous invoicing example. But: Can I install this on my mac? And If so - how to do it?


Hi @RainerFeldbruegge,

start with camunda tomcat distro (

and follow the instructions:

How to Start:

Install: Download > Unzip > “start-camunda.bat”

Scroll down the welcome page (http://localhost:8080/camunda-welcome/index.html) to get further infromation about the invoice example. There is a link to an additional page with the personas created with the demo. (http://localhost:8080/camunda-welcome/invoice.html)

Hope this helps,


Use the included ‘’, the .bat one is for Windows :wink:

It seems I really have to out myself as a technical novice:

After having downloaded and unzipped the download I find the indicated file. But how can I run it? Mac-OS will open it in textedit mode.

Hi @RainerFeldbruegge

you have to open the Application “Terminal” and change to the directory where you unzipped Camunda.
You can do this using the “cd” command.
When you are in the directory, you start the by typing “./”.


Thanks to all of you. I’m one step further: tomcat has started, but can’t find the standard browser (don’t ask why). Entering the adress
in my firefox renders an error: cant connect to localhost 8080

Any Idea?

hi @RainerFeldbruegge,

as an experienced Windows and sometimes Mac user I assume, that it’s a Mac issue. Tomcat needs about 30 seconds to start and Mac didn’t care about the browser to start. Refreshing the page should show the welcome page, IF Java is installed.

Try the Camunda Basics Get Started video introduction for further help:

Cheers, Ingo

@RainerFeldbruegge using Docker for Mac and just installing the Camunda Docker container works very well. (