Instantiating a shared process definition using REST API


I was trying to find out a way we can use a shared process definition across multiple tenants and instantiate the process using REST API. I can see the api method ( for instantiating a process definition using a key or an id but could not find a way to specify the tenant identifier. Am I missing anything ? Is this possible to achieve ?

To set up some context, I am trying to build my own front end and communicate with the process engine using REST API only. I have a process definition deployed with no tenant identifier specified in the processes.xml file and want to instantiate the definition with a tenant identifier and some tenant specific variable values through REST.


Hi @arjun.sawhney,

you have to use a TenantIdProvider to instantiate the process definition with a tenant id. There is no way to pass the tenant id directly with the start process instance call. See the User Guide for details.

Best regards,

Thanks @Philipp_Ossler for the quick reply. Will have a look at the provided documentation in detail.