Integrate Entra ID as Identity Provider using OpenID Connect with Camunda hosted in Kubernetes

Hello all,

I am trying to update file values.yaml to integrate Camunda with Entra ID using Helm Camunda. Unfortunately even with the documentation it’s really difficult to make it work.
I followed the steps of the documentation:
Connect to an OpenID Connect provider | Camunda 8 Docs

  1. I access to Entra ID admin area and register an application, then I have a Client ID

  2. Then I create a client secret.

  3. I update Helm values like template: ( update file values.yaml in Helm repo)

  1. Then I run command line to deploy it to Kubernetes. It deployed successfully.

But when I check the results. Some services are not working.

I check logs:





What did I miss? zeebe seems to be misconfigured but I don’t know what is the problem.

I really think the documentation needs to be more explicit with more screenshots and a complete template.