Integrating with Angular Webapp and user permission


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We have an enterprise application in Java and Angular and use Camunda for Workflow Management. As it is Enterprise app, it has many users roles and each user under the role has a defined rights and permissions. Only relevant screens are visible to the users.

Lets say there are 3 roles. Customer Relationship, Back office Operations and Archival department.

  • Customer Relationship gets information from customer and enters the data
  • Back office Operations review the information and performs the fraud check, and calculate the subsidy eligibility
  • Archival department: Scan and upload all the document in the case.

All the task that a user has to perform will be listed in the task board and upon clicking the case, they will navigate to set of screens.

The workflow is modeled in such a way that the journey starts from students apply from a mobile App. From the App, the application are allocated to Customer Relationship Manager based on the Zip Code and course mapping, who does the interview of the student, counsels the course / university. Then upon successful completion of form it is submitted to Back office. While filling the form, there is a external API call to verify the student information.

All those completed forms are listed in Back office task board who reviews the case and records his decision as approved or rejected.

All the approved cases are listed in Archival department task board who picks the case, scans the document and uploads into the case and mark the case closed.

Current Architecture

The way the system is currently architected is: the webapp screen is configured to call the Camunda workflow i.e., each continue button in the front-end screen will call the appropriate workflow. Based on the login of the user, the rights and permissions are decided by the Webapp form.

Question / Issue
Because of the way this is architected, for every new program that is rolled out by the university, the forms gets changed. and every time when the forms get changed, i have configure the workflow again. This takes time and the program cannot be rolled out quickly. My question is: is this way of architecture correct?

Or should the Camunda workflow should call the appropriate forms?

Which is the correct way? Please elaborate your answer and guide me if it is to be done in Camunda how this has to be done for my project?

Note: I am Business Analyst and have limited knowledge on coding.

Thanks in advance

Well this depends heavily on how you’ve integrated the UI with Camunda. In most cases the coupling between a front end and Camunda is very loose. usually done via the form key this would let you change either the process or the front end independently.

This seems quite strange - what exactly would change in for form that would require you the also change the workflow. The only thing that would affect the workflow if if you added a completely new form.

I have the same issue, how did you resolve this?