Integration of Camunda SaaS to Laravel PHP using REST API

Hello, I am new to Camunda.
I’m currently exploring Camunda SaaS Platform 8, and I would like to connect my workflow engine to my web application Laravel PHP. Does anyone knows how to connect using REST API. I search we can connect using GuzzleHTTP unfortunately i cannot seem to find the right endpoint.
How can I get my base_URI , process_definition and process_definition_key?
Perhaps you have any documentation that I can refer to

Your assistance is very much appreciated, thank you so much in advance

Hi @rayvieniajane, welcome to the forums! I want to make sure I understand your question correctly: you want to call the Camunda API to interact with your workflow? Or would you like to have the workflow tasks call your Laravel API?

Thank you for responding.
Yes I want to call the Camunda API to interact with my workflow.
So basically I have my own web application in laravel php,
and i want to use Camunda SaaS as our workflow engine. How can I connect the camunda api to my web application? For instance when user click on form UI (web interface) it fires the ‘start’ instance in camunda workflow.

@rayvieniajane - there is a community-maintained PHP library for interacting with the Zeebe API. You can find it here: GitHub - camunda-community-hub/phpZeebe: Zeebe PHP library

That package also has a Laravel example linked in the README, which should help you get started with your project. And here is the documentation on how to set up your API key.

Hopefully this helps! Let me know if you run into other issues or have other questions!

Hi Nathan,

I have setup a PaymentWorker in my laravel application. I want to run this worker when I click the button submit in my Payment page by passing the process_instance_key(can be any - to identify which task) so that it can complete the specific task.

Your assistance is very much appreciated, thank you so much in advance.

@Jenneffer_Jiminit - it’s hard to answer without knowing more about your process and how you are starting it. Job workers are executed by the engine, not manually within your application. When the workflow reaches a task with the type set to makePayment, assuming your job worker is running, the engine will send the data defined in the workflow to the job worker and wait for the job worker to complete before moving to the next task.

I see, I thought the job worker are manually run when there’s action by the user on the external application (i.e submit form, make payment, etc).

What is another approach if I don’t have job worker in my PHP?

@Jenneffer_Jiminit - I’m not sure I can really answer any more specifically without knowing your process and more about your application. Do you want to start a new process when a payment is made? Or is making a payment one step within a larger process that is started elsewhere? Some of our documentation may help guide you through also (for instance, this page about modeling processes).