Intermediate Condition Event not Evaluated

I have an intermediate conditional catch event in a process with an expression ${currIndex==completedIndex+1}. The condition is satisfied, but the token remains at the catch event. There is no ‘variable name’ specified. This only occurs intermittently.

If I manually alter any variables within the process, the token will proceed.

@Bill_Powell Could you upload your bpmn file?

Hi @Bill_Powell,

Does the condition get satisfied before token reaches at the conditional event?

Yes, it may get satisfied before the token reaches the conditional event. This works most of the time.

@aravindhrs for some reason I don’t see an upload capability? I know I have uploaded models before. It only allows jpgs?

Update - the behavior of intermediate conditional events have changed with later version of Camunda. Before our version upgrade this diagram works as expected and the token flows through the conditional events if and when the condition is met. These are simple expressions ($initalCount > 0)


After the upgrade, tokens would get stuck at the events even though the condition was true. The only way to move them forward was through a modification; variable updates would not trigger a re-evaluation of the condition.

The solution was to create a gateway where one flow had the condition, and a default flow leading to a conditional catch event having the same condition. This seems like a bug to me.