Intermediate Message Event in a Call Activity

I’m new about camunda and I have a problem with my workflow.
In a Call Activity I set a Message Intermediate Catch Event after Event-Based Gateway, but nothing happens.
If I start only the process in a Call Activity (without sup-process) the Message Intermediate Catch Event is received correctly.
Isn’t possible trigger Intermediate Event in a Call Activity?

Thank you

Hi @glonico - I’m not sure I follow your description, could you post your BPMN diagram so that I can better understand what it is you’re trying to do?

Hi @jwarren - now there’s the BPMN diagram.
In the first workflow (parent) an event triggers the workflow that includes three Call Activity.
In one of this, there’s the BPMN diagram that you can see in the attach.
So, I have the problem when the sub process stopped in the Gateway Based Event, because Message Intermediate Catch Event not started.
If I start only the sub process, the Message Intermediate Catch Event works well.


Hi @glonico - I don’t see any reason why that wouldn’t work. How are you targeting that Message Intermediate Catch Event? Are you using the REST API or Java API? Can you provide the payload/code you are using to correlate the message?

hi @jwarren , I solved it and now it works. The problem was that in the parent process I had no check “Business key” in the subprocess configuration (Call Activity).