Intermediate Message events


I have few questions on Intermediate Message events:

  1. Is external implementation of Intermediate Message throwing event same as “external service task” implementation? Is there any example implementation of this? For external Serivce task, we used External-task-client API . Will the same API work for this too?

2)Is there anyway to implement Simple javascript for Intermediate message throwing events? For example, if we want to send a mail to someone , all that code has to be written in delegate/external service itself?


  1. No, it works very differently - you can check out this tutorial to learn more.
  2. You can indeed. something like this would work (although i haven’t tried to run it)
var message = execution.getVariable('messageName');
var businessKey = execution.getVariable('businessKey');


Hi @Niall , i have gone through the tutorial already. Great one. Thanks.
But my question is, if the implemetation is chosen as external , i see a “topic” name in the configuration. So, the way this will be picked up is same as the way external service task is picked up by a worker? or there is different api to pick up external - intermediate message throwing events?

2.So, the implementation you mentioned can be written in execution listener of the event or all of this can be accommodated in expression itself?


Ahhh - i see now, sorry.

  1. indeed if you wanted to you could have the implementation part of sending a message in an external task, that wouldn’t be a problem. It would mean using the REST API to send the message to the engine from the external task.
  2. You could indeed use that script as an execution listener.
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