Introducing Camunda virtual chapters - Join now!

:space_invader: In a world where remote work and telecommuting are becoming the new norm, our programs are evolving to meet the needs of our members, and we are committed to supporting our community in this shift. That is why we are excited to introduce the #Camunda Virtual Chapters, each tailored to specific regions.

:rocket: Now, you can be a member of your city’s chapter and join your regional virtual chapter. Receive timely notifications about virtual meet-ups in your area, foster connections, and discuss all-things-orchestration with other professionals.

:potted_plant:Join the one where home is!

Camunda Virtual Meet-ups | APAC. Camunda Camunda Virtual Meet-ups | APAC | Camunda Community
Camunda Virtual Meet-ups | Europe. Camunda Camunda Virtual Meet-ups | Europe | Camunda Community
Camunda Virtual Meet-ups | LATAM. Camunda Camunda Virtual Meet-ups | LATAM | Camunda Community
Camunda Virtual Meet-ups | North America. Camunda Camunda Virtual Meet-ups | North America | Camunda Community

At Camunda, we are happy to embrace the future of work by also empowering our community on their own remote work journey.


Hi Maria, the North America page needs a small update, it references LATAM a couple of times

Hi @bschlosser, welcome to the forum! Great to see you here! Thanks for looking out, this is now updated :slight_smile: