Is alert checking at specific time possible?

This blog post, in the “Alerting” section, describes how KPI based alerts can be defined. Will it be (or is it) possible to define them not only as “every N timeunits” but let them get executed at specific times? E.g. every day at 1 pm. Just saying “every day” is sometimes not enough. A cron like syntax would be great!

Hi @fml2
thanks for reaching out!
Currently this is not possible. With the new functionality for integrating external systems you could potentially build this in the external system.

Could you maybe explain in a bit more detail what your use-case is?
Currently we are trying to send alerts as soon as they occur - why would that not work for you?

Thanks & Best

If I know that every day until 12:00 100 orders must have been placed but this did not happen, I want to have an alert. But it only makes sense to check it shortly after 12 (e.g. at 12:10). Not at 10 and not at 5 pm. But still once a day.