Is Camunda Platform 8 based on Zeebe?

Till Camunda 7 Camunda Platform and Camunda cloud (Zeebe, Cawemo )were 2 different products.

Is Camunda Platform 8 totally based on Zeebe?
I can see web modeler also, so can we have a local deployment of Camunda Web Modeler similar to Cawemo?

Indeed Camunda 8 contains Zeebe as the engine, it also has a new Web Modeler based on Cawemo and lots of other additional tooling and changes. You can read more about the details here:


Is there no support for running Camunda Platform 8 as an embedded engine in a Spring Boot application?

If I am using Spring Boot Camunda 7 as an embedded engine and also customized authorization and written java delegates then no chance to migrate to Camunda 8 ?

Nope, Camunda 8 is built specifically for orchestrating services and people within a distributed system.
Camunda 7 is embeddable and can orchestrate things (like Java Clases) within a service

Ok so what about the Java Delegates? Where will people write Java Task Delegates?

You can use the external task pattern - where your java class registers with the engine and completes the work depending on the process.

There’s an example of how it works for sending emails here on github and also a video that you can follow here

So will there be only External Task Pattern and no support/migration for Java Task Delegates?

Correct. Going forward you can continue to use Camunda 7 for orchestration within a service and Camunda 8 is specifically designed for the sigular purpose of high-throughput cross network orchestration :blush:

I wrote about that whole topic in these three blog posts which might be interesting to check out too

Hope you find that helpful to understand our line of thinking - happy to discuss!


Last time I did not use the External Task Pattern with Camunda Platform 7 due to the below unsolved issue: “How to poll service tasks for all tenants in a service considering tenant authorization is enabled means tenant is required as input for every Rest API call”

Is this issue addressed in Camunda 8 platform?

Camunda Platform 8 does not support multi-tenancy yet. If you need that, the time is not right to make the move at the present moment.

Do you mean there is no persistence for tenant value in Camunda 8?

I am using Camunda 7 and using the Shared Tenant deployment model for processes and I can see the usage of Tenant for every execution and that also maintains the Tenant boundary for authorization purposes. Is that kind of thing not provided in Camunda 8?

Hi @Himanshu_Singh

As Josh mentioned - the way we deal with tenets in Camunda 7 is not supported in Camunda 8.
Although we expect that some kind of multi-tenancy feature for Camunda 8 in the future. It’s not there yet and not planned in the short term.