Is it Advisable to add more Tables in Camunda Database?

Hi All,
Could someone please help me with some suggestions.

Scenario: It’s not H2, any other supported RDBMS.
If I have a monolith application and I have application-specific data as well as Camunda implementation-specific data (Camunda is just one part of the entire application).
I need the clarity on the database design part, shall we create more tables on the Camunda schema and go ahead or we should manage it separately like the only Camunda specific data will be present in Camunda schema and maybe I will have separate database/schema for other data.

I would suggest creating an independent schema for your entity data. You can keep it in the same data source but if you start messing around with Camunda’s tables you might have a hard time upgrading or depending on what you do, you might end up with unexpected behavior from the engine.

Thanks a lot for the clarity :slight_smile: