Is it possible to deploy binaries as ressources to camunda within the WAR?


I would like to deploy some random binary file, let’s say a video file, together with the process definition, so that this file can be downloaded via the API as deployment resource (GET /deployment/{id}/resources/{resourceId}/data). Alternatively, it would also work for me to somehow automatically create a process instance file variable at instantiation, so I can access the file via the variable-instance API.

Now I could of course store the file somewhere else (e.g. Strapi) and at process instantiation download the file and create a file variable instance. But I would rather store the file within the process definition WAR. I tried this within the maven structure by placing the file in the resources folder, webapps folder and java folder. However, the file was not availabe that way. Renaming the file to .bpmn resulted in a parsing error and the file was not deployed as well.

I’m wondering, if someone here knows if it is possible to deploy a binary within the WAR and access it via API or from the process instance?