Is it possible to expose the rest API's of camunda(rest-engine) for a camuda embedded quarkus application

Hi Team,
We recently migrated our services from spring-boot to quarkus, after migrating to quarkus we are facing some issues, we are using only this dependency

implementation 'org.camunda.bpm.quarkus:camunda-bpm-quarkus-engine:7.21.0-alpha3'

Compared to spring-boot there are so many limitations, one of those is engine-rest API’s of camunda, engine-rest API’s are not available for this application, how can we enable or get those API’s to be exposed.

The main reason for this we want to use external task workers for executing the service tasks instead of java delegates, so for that the external task client should be able to fetch and lock the tasks from the camunda engine, so we need those API’s to be available, what can be done for this?

Any inputs are welcome :slight_smile: