Is it possible to migrate inflight process data from Camunda 7 to Camunda 8


I am just curious to understand how the migration of inflight process instances can be taken care of when we think of migrating Camunda version from 7 to 8.

Please share some insights into this story.


Hi @hari_kiran and welcome to the Camunda community!

Are you hoping to be able to migrate live, running processes from Camunda Platform 7 to Camunda Platform 8, complete with process variables, history, etc? If so, I do not believe that this is (or will be) possible.

The runtime engines for C7 and C8 are completely different, the entire application architectures are different.

If you have an enterprise license (or purchase one for C8) then Iā€™m sure our talented consulting organization can help with some of the migration issues.


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Thanks for the warm welcome @davidgs.

Yes, I was looking into possibilities of migrating the inflight process data i.e process instances, variables, etc. Since the way the data was handled is totally different between versions 7 & 8.

Anyways, thanks for your quick response.


@davidgs I believe the same applies even to historic data as well right ?

Hi @hari_kiran ,

Yes, I do believe that it is also true for historic data.


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Hi Hari.

See also Migrating from Camunda Platform 7 | Camunda Platform 8

In general, workflow engine data is harder to migrate to Camunda Platform 8:

  • Runtime data: Running process instances of Camunda Platform 7 are stored in the Camunda Platform 7 relational database. Like with a migration from third party workflow engines, you can read this data from Camunda Platform 7 and use it to create the right process instances in Camunda Platform 8 in the right state. This way, you can migrate running process instances from Camunda Platform 7 to Camunda Platform 8, but some manual effort is required.
  • History data: Historic data from the workflow engine itself cannot be migrated. However, data in Optimize can be kept.

We are currently working on process instance modification in Zeebe, as soon as we have this you can start process instances in an arbitrary state - which will make the first option easier to realize.



Thank you for the clarification @BerndRuecker and @davidgs

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