Is it possible to use variables or constants in input entries of a dmn without being embedded in a task?

I have the following use-case: Around 70 business rules are modelled in one dmn file like the following:

All these business rules are used from clients in different countries, and some of them are re-used in other business rules too. Hence, the thresholds e.g., for MaxInvoiceAmount, SomeTime, PlentyOfTime need to be adjusted according to their needs.

My idea is to use variables or constants instead of pure values in the input entries and to configure them individually. Sample values are provided in the annotation.

In my use-case I deploy the dmn rule without a bpm model to directly call the rest api from the code.

Is the definition of variables/constants possible without using process variables or input/output parameter mappings that is only available when the dmn is embedded in a process / bpmn task? I have seen that someone uses a variable tag like:

<variable name="someName" typeRef="someType" />

to define a variable. If that is a possible way to do how can the value be assigned and used in dmn xml? Another option I found is the qualified names feature of the feel expression, but unfortunately I was not able to set such a variable with a value.

Any ideas or hints how this can be achieved are welcome. Specifically, I look for a solution that I can model with the Camunda Modeler and deploy to the embedded tomcat server of the community edition.


Hi @chrisx,

the only way to pass these values are by using process variables.
If you call the DMN via Rest API then you could build your own API around the Camunda one and pass the required variables internally before calling the Camunda API.

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Hi Philipp,

Thanks for the answer. I have assumed it but but now it has become evident.

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