Is it safe to truncate ACT_RU_METER_LOG table?


The ACT_RU_METER_LOG is huge have more than 10+ million records. The history cleanup job is also enabled using removal time strategy.
I want to cleanup the table as we are upgrading from 7.10 to 7.17. As part of the upgrade, there are alter table scripts on the mentioned table which times out. Hence wondering if I truncate the table, will that have any adverse effect?


Hi @indranil.basu5,

you can delete old records from the table without harming the process engine.

If you are an enterprise customer, your license agreement might require you to report some metrics annually. Please store root-process-instance-start, activity-instance-start, executed-decision-instances and executed-decision-elements metrics from ACT_RU_METER_LOG as well as task metrics from ACT_RU_TASK_METER_LOG for at least 18 months until they were reported.

Hope this helps, Ingo


Hi @Ingo_Richtsmeier thanks for your advise. One more question:
There are DDL scripts which are modifying column data types from timestamp to datetime. Now if I need to rollback and stay at 7.10, can I keep the data type to datetime or do I need to modify back to timestamp?