Is Open Sourcing prohibited for tooling like bpmn-differ?

Hi !

We are working with the Camunda Comunity Edition on a project and we developped some tooling like a front that connects to Gitlab Pull requests to render a visual diffing of the modified .bpmn files. I was planning on letting those tools on my public Github but it came to my mind that it might be considered as “reproducing” the enterprise edition of Camunda.

Should I keep those tools private ?

Thank you anyway for Camunda, it is a great tool that is really helping us day to day :slight_smile:

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Hi @lechinoix
Welcome to the forum, really happy that you’re building stuff on and for our platform.
You’ll be very happy to know we in no way would ever want to prevent people who have built cool stuff that the community could use.

It would be wonderful if you wanted to open source any useful tooling for Camunda, i’ll be the first one to try it out :slight_smile:


Hi Niall,

Thanks a lot for the quick answer, I’ll reach out when we have something shareable :smiley:

Have a good one

Awesome! Looking forward to it