Is there a Postman Collection available for Camunda REST API?

Is there any postman collection to test the Camunda REST API? It would be super helpful.

I agree! i would be quite helpful - as far as i know it doesn’t exist, but i’ll try to throw one together when i get some free time.

We started one here:

Will split into its own repo


Here is exaction of common requests. Will continue to add more and other feel free to do a PR.


General thoughts have been:

  1. Do not maintain a copy of all Query parameters. Refer to docs and add them as required.
  2. Use Env var for camunda URL

Have a look also at camunda-bpm-swagger:

It’s not yet final, but you can reach out to the guys and ask for the current state!


@stefanzilske can you breakdown the goals of the repo and how detailed the swagger file(s) will be?

Given that postman can import swagger data, may be interesting to see the swagger being the source of truth, and a export into postman can be easily done.

Goal is to automatically provide a complete Swagger documentation of the Camunda REST API and an out-of-the-box Swagger-UI to explore the API. The guys even are as crazy as parsing the Camunda API documentation, to provide as much information as possible. camunda-bpm-swagger was featured at the Camunda Community Day back in September this year.

I am sure, that @zambrovski will be happy to tell you more about it :slight_smile:

Okay so if that’s the case then I would think that using the swagger docs as the source of the postman file is the best approach.