Is there a way to create a library of process definitions - version 2?


This is a repeat of the question Is there a way to create a library of process definitions? .

The user commented there “Wow I am so impressed with the speed with which you reply to all the questions here … :smiley: :)” and this is my first post so I am curious whether I too will be afforded the same treatment :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I didn’t quite understand/like the response to the above question and I guess it needs to be updated now that Camunda 8 has been released and cawemo is obsolete.

In other workflow engines, I have seen the ability to add your own library of pre-defined “components” that can be dragged into any workflow. Each component would have its own icon, description and a predefined set of inputs and outputs and would typically run on an external system using API calls.

Depending on the project you are modelling, there might be 10s or 100s of custom-coded components that would be reused across many workflows.

The component definition and strongly typed inputs/outputs with validation and help make using those components by business users much quicker and easier.

Can this be achieved with Camunda?

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Yes, absolutely. You can define custom connectors are re-use them as you need them.
You can read about them here: Connectors & Integration Framework | Camunda


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