Is there a way to start / stop jobExecutor or processEngine programatically?

I’d like to choose the exact moment when jobExecutor (or the whole engine) is activated when starting my application so it waits until all other services are available. Is there a way to do so? Any of the following or similar?

  • processEngine.start()
  • processEngine.stop()
  • processEngine.jobExecutor.start()
  • processEngine.jobExecutor.stop()

Hi @mabertran,

I don’t quite understand if you want to attach a listener to one of those phases or trigger starting of engine from your code?


Do you use Spring? I just implemented a custom JobExecutor that implements SmartLifecycle to achieve this. Pretty simple and straight forward.

I want the engine not to start until all application services are set up, and this takes a while. The best way to achieve that is to manually tell the engine to start (or at least, the job executor).

In my application (grails) this would be done after Bootstrap.groovy

I use groovy, which uses spring so this might work. Is the code public?

Unfortunately: no … but I think I will either write a short blog or integrate it into the spring boot starter.


  • extend the SpringJobExecutor with an own class and set it on the configuration. Your implementation must implement SmartLifecycle. This basically allows setting “phases” when to run the code. I just set it to Int.MAX, so it runs last. Make sure you use it as spring-bean, not just “new”.
  • in the config, set isJobExecutorActivate to false, so the executor is not started with the engine.
  • thats it

Thanks for the reply, I’ll try this one!