Is there any example procedure how to connect zeebe client with standalone zeebe?

I am running k8s version 8.0.0. I found no documentation how to create the credentials for the stand alone version to use with zeebe. The client seems to use OAuth whereas the k8s keycloak is configured with openID. What to use now and how? any documentation for it? Thx in advance.

Hey Thomas,

There is a repo that contains a starting point on how to create your own Kubernetes deployment of Zeebe. Anyhow the repo is older. We recommend using Camunda’s platform Helm charts. There is also a how-to in our docs.

I hope this gives you some guidance. Cheers


Hi Nele,

I did the local deployment with helm and k8s on version 8 and can connect to operate, identity and keycloak. Nevertheless - there is no documentation in all the mentioned sources for the following questions:

  1. Do I need to create a client for zeebe? Or should I reuse one of the already created credentials?
  2. If I would create credentials for zeebe - what is the URI pattern for the redirect uri I should configure in identity?
  3. zeebe seems to require OAuth authentication - the standalone keycloak k8s sets up only open-id and saml. Where would I setup OAuth?

Thx already in advance



Hi @ThomasW,

the Zeebe Broker is not secured by any configuration when you setup the cluster like this: Camunda Helm charts | Camunda Platform 8

The idea is to integrate the container with the job worker and process deployment in the cluster.

Hope this helps, Ingo

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Hi Ingo,

thx - this is what I realised now after some further digging in the documentation. Thanks.