Is there any frontend application for camunda?

Sorry if my question is so basic.

Currently, what I know, frontend app for camunda is tasklist. With this frontend (tasklist) I am not sure will satisfy a lot of user, because for me tasklist is too basic.

  1. Is there any resources or articles that I can read about tasklist usage in production?
  2. If not using tasklist, what is the frontend app that is used? Did developer make the custom frontend app? Is there any open source frontend app for camunda?

Hi @inoex135,

If you are welling to use tasklist app, then you can extend the functionality of it by developing your own plugins.
See in below URL the various points at which you are able to add your own plugin

Is tasklist the only one frontend app?

Hi @inoex135,

Find in below URL list of available apps and their uses.

Hi @inoex135,

it’s quite difficult to give a general answer here.

  1. The Camunda Tasklist is quite flexible, you can also customize the look and feel and adopt it your corporate identity:
  2. The Camunda engine offers a rich API that you can use in your custom application. On the CamundaCon 2018 a customer talked about using the Camunda Tasklist at the beginning of the project and replacing it with their custom application in one sprint after they hit the limits of information that they want to show to their task workers.
  3. Some customers keep using a tasklist of an exisiting application like Siebel or Salesforce, because many users had been trained using them and the effort of introducing a new tasklist to thousends of users is too high.
  4. Other customers use a diffent way to deliver the tasks to the users. The users should not select the task they want to work on but they get only a single task shown on the screen and they have to complete it in a certain amount of time.

In the end you should check our individual use case and see what’s the best way to filfill it.

Hope this helps, Ingo

I and my friend is developing an open source project at We use camunda REST API to create workflow application on top laravel framework.

Is it needed by industry? I hope I can get some feedbacks from this community about my project.

In my experience there are always people looking for different types of front end integration for Camunda. Do you already have a working example project? Or some English documentation?