Is There Any Metric About The Grpc Of Zeebe?

is there any metric about the grpc of zeebe? I have read the docs about zeebe, but I didn’t find any metric about grpc. I want to count the numbers of grpc interface calls.

Hey @leechee. Zeebe provides gRPC metrics in the gateway. For the clients, we delegate to the relevant client libraries, so you’ll have to figure it out from the client you use. In the Java client, for example, you can easily turn on metrics by passing in the interceptors that you need when building your client, e.g. ZeebeClientBuilder#withInterceptors(ClientInterceptor... interceptor). You can then use this module to create and a pass a Prometheus interceptor. I’m sure there are more modules out there for different metrics provider. You can also always implement your own interceptor, of course, to do whatever you want.

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