Is there any way in camunda task-list to get list of the processes I have started in order to see the progress

I am using camnuda to model some of our company processes and it looks good. But I would like to be able for a user who is using tasklist to be able to see the list of processes he has started in order to see its progress. How is this possible?

You have to write a extension to the tasklist, or have the user use the Cockpit and apply filters.

Could you give me more details or some links to achieve this?

I will check these 2 solutions. I am thinking that is a useful functionality which could be added to community edition. This also could be achieved if also was available the “iniitiator” variable in the “tasklist” filters but it isn’t.
Anyway, thanks for your response!

What information are you trying to show?

There is the Diagram Tab in tasklist for when a user receives a user task. If you are trying to show more complex data like status updates (basically points in time during the process), then you may want to look as other extension options: such as creating a DB table or microservice that tracks “events” that you execute during the process.

What I am trying to achieve is the following:

  1. User1 starts a process and this assigned to user2
  2. User2 see this task in tasklist and continue the flow

Until the process ends and if the user1 doesn’t have any other task he can’t see the progress of the process he has started. If he had a screen with “my processes” he could click and see the progress (the diagram. the status and probably the seperate tasks of the process)
Is it more clear now?

Sure. There is nothing like that. You might be able to repurpose the Diagram Tab when viewing a Task; and make it available for a list of processes: but again this is a new Tasklist Plugin/extension.

Might also want to consider that a process could have Sub-Processes, System related processes, and other “non-user relevant” tasks that may make your purpose of showing the entire process and where it is at, as a non-relevant item.
We did something like this: where when required a Process generates a Case (ticket, request / whatever you want to call it), and you can generate “Status Updates” at anytime that show the current progress of a “Process” / Case / request using Business User centred views / information.

Thanks. I will read the documentation of tasklist plugin and try to achieve that functionality. BTW do you think that is a useful feature or you recomment a differenct approach to achieve this?

I am partial / I favour solutions such as the “Cases” example i gave above because IMO a process image/workflow image is not very helpful to the average user. They may want to know things like “For my Request 123 there are 5 steps and what step am i currently at?”: But the process that runs Request 123 could be made up with dozens of internal steps and tasks and handoffs, etc. So the Process Image and where you are in the actual process is more of a advanced user / Analyst / Administrator view (and in which case they would/should be using something like Cockpit or some custom view). But again, this is just IMO.

You are fully correct. I have probably to check the Cases example and come back

just take a look at the screenshots in the linked repo, and you should get the idea.

Could you send me the link of this repo?

Is the link from my previous post: Is there any way in camunda task-list to get list of the processes I have started in order to see the progress

Ah yes! I misunderstood. I though that there was a kind of plugin. This is a standalone application indeed that probably user the camunda API. Correct?

The “Cases” stuff is a example of Microservice that you interact with through a REST API

Thanks for your support!

@StephenOTT, this ticket is what I’m looking for. I mean, provide a kind of feedback to the start user. Since that ticket was opened in 2017, is there any new feature in camunda that allow that? I’m quite new and the link you did provide in that post seems too complex for me :frowning:

@leetong refer this rest api docs for historic task instances.

@aravindhrs, thank you for your prompt answer. Does it mean it can work for tasks that are not yet completed?