Is there no use of a Relational Database in Camunda 8?

I read that There is no need for a relational database as was needed with Camunda Platform 7.
So where will all the data related to process deployments, versioning, and history go?

The data can be exported into a datasource of your choice.

At the moment exporter that we use takes the data from the zeebe engine and puts it into elastic search but it’s not fundamentally needed in order to run a zeebe cluster.

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Runtime data is stored as an event stream locally in the brokers (see e.g. How we built a highly scalable distributed state machine | by Bernd Rücker | berndruecker)

And those events are also streamed to Elasticsearch for history (see Reporting about processes | Camunda Platform 8)


Is there a procedure for properly restarting the platform?
How about a need to backup the platform? For instance what if the data stream gets corrupted, how does one recover from that?