Is there not a way to delete a deployment from Cockpit?

I think it’s useful to delete deployments from Cockpit. I can’t found this possibility. I had to remove the bpmn file by end and restart the server.

Probably there’s a REST API and I can create a page that manages this, but why this is not implemented by default in the Camunda webapp?

Hi, @Marco_Sulla.
There is a page where you find all REST methods for deployment.

Hope it helps.

Yes I expected there were an API for removing deployments, but the question is why the possibility to remove a deployment this is not implemented by default in the Camunda webapp with a simple click?

@Marco_Sulla from cockpit you can delete the deployment. Follow the below steps to delete the deployment. From cockpit you can find option called “deployemnts” in the left right corner, below that numeric values will be appeared with hyperlink if deployments is available. Follow that link and below steps. Also don’t forget to select the option “cascade” while deletion time if you have any active process instances running.




Thank you a lot :slight_smile: