Is this possible major code in php - camunda

We developed magento2 e-commerce site (php) and we have integrated camunda-php-sdk into magento, so we would like to keep major code in php as like as possible in camunda.

for example in below picture, I wrote service task business logic as Java class but we would like to write as in php.

is there anyway to achieve this?

I am looking for the solution or suggestion for major code in php in camunda

note: right now I am working on rest api to access the camunda resources from magento.

am I in the right way or any way is available simpler than this?

Hi @busean,

you should take a look at external tasks. It would allow you to keep all logic on php side and just call it from your process.

Does that help?

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@busean can you expose your php scripts as a API and use Service Tasks to call the scripts through REST API?