Issue while running camuda zeebe using docker

Hello ,
I am facing isssue while deploy on docker
here is the error

2023-03-10 11:53:51 org.springframework.context.ApplicationContextException: Failed to start bean 'zeebeClientLifecycle'; nested exception is io.camunda.zeebe.client.api.command.ClientStatusException: io exception
2023-03-10 11:53:51 Caused by:$AnnotatedConnectException: Connection refused: /
2023-03-10 11:53:51 Caused by: io.grpc.StatusRuntimeException: UNAVAILABLE: io exception

and where is my docker file

# Use an OpenJDK 19 image as the base image
FROM openjdk:19-jdk-alpine

# Set the working directory to /Zeebe-Rest-Connector
WORKDIR /Zeebe-Rest-Connector

# Copy the Spring Boot application JAR file to the container
COPY target/spring-zeebe-example-8.1.8.jar /Zeebe-Rest-Connector/spring-zeebe-example-8.1.8.jar

# Copy the file to the container
COPY src/main/resources/ /Zeebe-Rest-Connector/

# Expose port 8080 to the outside world

# Set the command to run when the container starts
CMD ["java", "-jar", "/Zeebe-Rest-Connector/spring-zeebe-example-8.1.8.jar"]

please help me to sort this out


for me it looks like this:
You have the REST Connector running inside a docker container.
Zeebe is running locally and is accessible via localhost.

However, for the connector that is running inside the docker container, localhost ( refers to the ports of the container. To access the host’s localhost you may use host.docker.internal

Hey Stephan,
zeebe is already running on docker and also have image of connector on docker

It is very similar for docker containers. A core idea of containers is isolating applications. This means that the connector docker does not have automatically access to the zeebe container and vice versa.

You would either need to

  1. Create a docker network and connect your containers to it: docker network
  2. Change the configuration of the connectors as described above (communication would go via your host)
  3. Change dockers network driver to host: Networking overview

Thanks for your response.
I will look into that