Issue with connecting to Operate API

Hello team,

I am currently following the steps for authentication to Operate API . I was able to get my access_token but I can not get any of the endpoints to work due to a 500 error. I tried using curl, postman, and Thunder Client to make sure it is not a Bearer token.

The error message I get back is " Whitelabel Error Page … There was an unexpected error (type=null, status=null)."

I am using the community version. 8.0.4 of identity.

The issue was resolved by moving to the latest version of Operate.

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Hi @AmmarAhmed,

I wanted to check if you have used the Identity JWT token to access Operate API?

If yes, how was your experience, did it work well for you?


I did. My only feedback is that I need a way to automate the process to add my new application and access to API when I spin up my docker images.

I burnt lot of time looking into the postgress DB trying to manually adding the application and APIs but there are too many tables to modify to automate that process. An API call where I can set the newly made app ID and Client ID would work great if you can add that to your roadmap.

@AmmarAhmed thanks for the feedback!

I’ll raise the feature request in the Identity repository for this.

Camunda8 GraphQL API get active tasks list - #15 by ben.sheppard - maybe this post can help with your case?

Not fully. It is helpful for one user and I understand that I can keep my postgress table.

The problem comes up when trying to work with a team and trying to get others set up. The Applications added and clients get assigned a random GUID so the Secret would need to match if they are running Operate and Tasklist locally and they need to run the application that I wrote to interact with the APIs exposed from Tasklist + Operate.