Issues with a custom connector image and connection to local Operate

Hello Community,

I ran into some issues when I tried to start a local connector runtime based on Springboot as container against a local Camunda Platform (based on the docker-compose.yaml by Camunda). I was not able to connect to Operate. The connection to localhost:8081 is refused when I start my springboot container with the application in it. I use the following settings in my application:


When I start the spring boot app directly, it works.

2023-09-16T13:14:26.595482829Z 2023-09-16 13:14:26,595 [main] WARN  i.c.z.s.c.c.OperateClientProdAutoConfiguration - An attempt to connect to Operate failed: io.camunda.operate.exception.OperateException: org.apache.hc.client5.http.HttpHostConnectException: Connect to http://localhost:8081 [localhost/] failed: Connection refused

I can access Operate with my browser on port 8081 so the port is open and available through localhost. Any ideas why this fails or what I missed?

Thanks in advance

Hi @itsmestefanjay ,

I understand that you are are having a connector runtime in container and docker based camunda platform with components as containers

Inside docker container we cannot access localhost as it is having a virtual network

Please try giving to container name and rebuild the image and run the container for connector runtime so that it will communicate directly to container inside the camunda-platform network

For that you need to add the camunda platform network for the container

You can find an example here

change operate url as below


In springboot app i.e using springboot-starter-camunda-connectors we can be be able to communicate to localhost because it’s out of docker virtual network

I hope this proves useful

Hi @Praveen_Kumar_Reddy,

Thanks for your reply. I tried that already but I confused the ports… With http://operate:8080 it works as designed, I must have passed 8081 in there somewhere on the way. You know the forest and tree analogy :slight_smile: I guess this applies here as well.

Thanks for your help

Your’e welcome @itsmestefanjay :slightly_smiling_face:

I can definitely relate to the analogy :smiley:. It’s all part of the development process.


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