Issues with Generated Task Form Validations


I am a just-arrived to this forum, hope I am luck with my questions…

Also I am starting to test and know more and more about Camunda (Community version by now). Personally, I consider this a great product, and the best BPM System by far…

I have made been working with some examples, and I have decided to create a small Process in order to learn about the real power of the system.

As a programmer, I am very used to create all sort of forms and UIs, but this time I have preferred to think how an advanced user (thinking on people with no programming skills) could to “sketch-up” a BPM Process from scratch.

Using Camunda Modeler, I have created a simple Generated Task Form and added some simple validations (required, minlength / maxlength strings, default values)…

After that, I have deployed in my testing WildFly server the war package with all the contents of my model, and I have noticed that the “validations” that I previously added were (some of them) working as expected, but some of them were making mi form system fail to work.

Among others, I have found some “issues” in the form. Maybe some of them are really “features” rather than “bugs”, but
would like to ask the community about these points:

Default values: When I add a “default value” for a field, in case I do not modify it, it seems that this field is NOT sent in the post once the request is made by pressing on the “Start Process” button. Is that right behavior? I was expecting that value to be sent as any other field.

Required fields. There is NO message about what fields are required, at least in a first moment. Only after writing something and then removing it the message is shown. Am I doing something wrong?

String validations. I have also issues when adding a minlength and maxlength to a string. My specific test has been to request max and min lengths to 1 and making that field “required”. The form submit process fail, and a weird message about a variable called “c” appears in the webpage. Once I delete such validations (and re-deploy the war), the form works (but of course without validations).

So I would appreciate any recommendation about how check about those issues. Am I the only who is suffering them? Are there any open issues in the Issue tracker?

Tank you so much in advance,
Jose Luis