I've Built a little BPMN personality Test with Camunda 8

Hey folks,

Last week @Danielle_Andrist asked me if there’s a quiz somewhere to find out which BPMN symbol best represents your personality… there probably isn’t. But there is now, because i created one!
I made a simple little process if you want to have some fun by entering some details and finding out what your BPMN Symbol is…

Just follow this link and let me know what you get! Have fun.

NOTE: Be sure to check your spam folder for the results email :slight_smile:


Here are my results! :laughing:

The symbol that best represents Danielle’s personality based on the given information is the Timer Event. This symbol captures the idea of being late and the laid-back attitude towards solving moral dilemmas like the trolley problem (“Yikes, uhhh let it happen”). The sunset picture preference can also be reflected in the feeling of time passing and the importance of being in the moment.


Here are my results: :sunrise:

Based on Tayler’s personality traits, the symbol that best represents them would be the Conditional Event. The Conditional Event symbolizes the need for careful consideration and weighing of options before making a decision, which aligns with Tayler’s ethical approach to problem-solving and their inclination to avoid intentionally harming others.


:joy: It outed your response haha

The chosen symbol that best represents Mia’s personality is a Script Task. Mia’s creative and bold approach to solving the trolley problem aligns with the idea of scripting a specific action or task to achieve a desired outcome. Mia’s unconventional thinking and willingness to take action make the Script Task a fitting representation of their personality.

It really liked my answer to the trolley problem, I guess! :technologist:


I know! lol glad I didn’t write something else… :laughing:

The symbol that best represents Dave based on the provided information is the Intermediate Event symbol. This symbol signifies a specific point in a process where something happens that triggers a response or action, similar to how Dave’s unique personality traits and preferences could trigger various reactions or actions in different situations. The Intermediate Event symbol can also represent Dave’s quirky and unconventional thinking, as well as his ability to bring unexpected solutions to complex problems.

… and all these years I thought I was a complex gateway?!


Based on the given information, the BPMN symbol that best represents Amara’s personality would be the “User Task” symbol. This symbol represents a task that is performed by a human user. Amara’s punctuality, moral dilemma response to the trolley problem, and love for sloths all suggest a thoughtful and compassionate individual who would approach tasks with consideration and empathy. The User Task symbol reflects the personal and humane approach that Amara would likely bring to any task or situation.

No lies detected. Although my reasoning for doing nothing is because I don’t think I can push someone large enough to stop a trolley :laughing:


The chosen symbol that best represents Marco’s personality is the Timer Event. This symbol is chosen because Marco described himself as veryLate and stated that he would probably be late to the scene in the trolley problem scenario. The Timer Event symbol represents a specific point in time, reflecting Marco’s tendency towards being late and his casual attitude towards punctuality.

Sounds about right


The symbol that best represents Hasan Ghanem’s personality based on the given information would be the Start Event symbol. This symbol represents the beginning of a process or journey, which aligns with Hasan’s punctual and proactive nature. Hasan’s preference for black as a favorite color and their desire to avoid causing harm to others also suggest a sense of responsibility and awareness, which could be represented by the Start Event symbol as the starting point of a thoughtful and ethical decision-making process.



Loved the quiz, Here’s my result :innocent:

Based on Praveen Kumar Reddy’s personality traits, the BPMN symbol that best represents them would be the ‘Conditional Event’ symbol. This symbol is fitting because Praveen mentioned that they would make a decision based on the condition of the situation in the trolley problem scenario. Additionally, the green color preference and the proactive approach to solving problems align with the idea of considering different conditions before taking action.


Saw this quiz and of course, I had to take it. Good stuff :).

The symbol that best represents Danny based on the given information is the Timer Event. This symbol represents Danny’s late punctuality as well as the option he suggested in solving the trolley problem, which involves timing and quick decision-making. The Timer Event also fits with Danny’s favorite color green as it symbolizes growth and renewal. Additionally, the sloth in Danny’s favorite picture symbolizes a relaxed and laid-back personality, which can be connected to the idea of timing in the Timer Event symbol.