Java 8+ compatibility with Jboss server

As per Install the Full Distribution on a JBoss/Wildfly Application Server manually | I can see below alert.

Java 8 compatibility

if you are using Java 8, then please use the Wildfly installation and not JBoss AS. To use JBoss AS, you have to use Java 7.

Does this statement still holds true for latest Camunda releases?

I am planning to use Camunda + JBOSS + Java8(+). If the above statement is still true, how can I work on this combination? Please guide.

Hi @gomzee,

I had a quick look at the Jboss website:

If you want to go for the Enterprise Product JBoss® Enterprise Application Platform 7 you can use Java 8 as well:

I think that the original statement is from earlier days when both Versions, JBoss and Wildfly, were available as Community Projects.

Hope this helps, Ingo

@Ingo_Richtsmeier also I wanted to check if this configuration works fine Camunda -> MariaDB MaxScale -> MariaDB Cluster.