Java 8 in community extensions - please say "yes"!


I fought (and lost) for java 8 usage in the spring-boot extension. Long discussion, essence camunda platform is java6, extensions should use 6 as well … 7 if there is no other way.

Now a new star rose on the extension sky: camunda-bpm-mail. And it uses … java 8.

May I interpret this as an official end to the “stick to java6” rule for extensions. Then I would switch spring boot as well.



Hi Jan,

In my opinion, you can choose whichever Java version you like for a community extension that you manage. Was there ever such a rule?


PS: “yes” :wink:

Good to hear that. When we set up spring-boot starter, we had some discussion with Daniel and Christian and it was very clearly stated that we should stay on jdk6, see

I created to switch to jdk8 asap if no other opinions arise.

Imo extension should choose their own environment. When there are any
complain about it, users of the extension should file an issue asking if
the authors would like to support JDK6/7.