Java 8 Support

How long Java 8 will be supported for Spring Boot Camunda Process Engine?

Java 8 itself will lose support starting 31 Mar 2025 - I suspect we’ll stop supporting it around the same time. But there hasn’t been any internal discussions about it.

Thanks @Niall for quick reply.
As per the latest support roadmap published it seems “Premier Support” will end “March 2022”, but “Extended Support” will continue until “December 2030*****” with the following caveat.

*****The Extended Support uplift fee will be waived for the period March 2022 - December 2030 for Java SE 8. During this period, you will receive Extended Support as described in the Oracle Technical Support Level sections of the Technical Support Policies.

Just wanted to understand whether it shall be Mar 2022 or Dec 2030, we are looking at for Java 8 Support.

I can’t say for sure because we havent discussed it internally, but by virtue of not discussing the issue by this point it’s quite likely we’ll continue to support Java 8 after Mar 2022.

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Thanks @Niall.

Would sincerely appreciate if it is kindly possible to update this thread after a relevant discussion/decision?

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I will indeed.

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