Java collections with Camunda Tasklist

I have a process like the following:

  • I start with a list of items

  • I invoke a service passing the list of items

  • The service return a list of complex results under the form of an Hashmap, which I set on the process.

I was not able to understand how the Camunda JS SDK interacts with process variables. I would like to have a task form which shows side by side the input element and the matching result. Can that be achieved without deploying custom forms?

Hello Edmondo,

It isn’t really clear to me what you are trying to achieve but complex form without custom forms is probably not possible.
Maybe you can work directly on the HTML form file in the TARGET folder where the deployed assets are.

Does it help?


Thanks Vale. That opens to me three questions:

  1. If I understood correctly I need to deploy those custom forms inside the cockpit webapp, customizing it and not inside my webapp that contains the processes. Is that correct?

  2. Is there a working example of using lists / maps in the forms?

  3. How are process variables sent to form? Are they just serialized as byte arrays, are they converted to json or should I convert them to json? (I use a custom json library)

Thank you for your help