Java delegate field injections are getting injected wrongly during concurrent usage on different service tasks which has same java delegate class

Hi team,

please find the javadelegate class high level structure
public class TaskDelegatorMessageEmitter implements JavaDelegate, ExecutionListener {

private FixedValue taskStatus;
private FixedValue taskState;

private Expression outBoundTopicName;

@Autowired(required = false)
private TaskEngineOutboundProducer taskEngineOutboundProducer;

public void execute(DelegateExecution execution) throws Exception {

and this same delegate class is used in 2 different service tasks and we are injecting different values on 2 service tasks.
when i have gone through the documentation. it stated that camunda creates seperate instances during exectution but when it got executed concurrently on higher load test, the 2nd service task values are getting injected wrongly into 1st service task execution & vice versa since both are using same java delegate. is it the singelton class which is used in both places or will it create different instances even though we use spring annotations like @Service.
kindly clarify this part briefly.

@StephenOTT @Philipp_Ossler kindly share your thoughts on this question

See Field injection into Spring beans - bad idea? - #6 by dineshsb

thanks for the suggestion @StephenOTT …it worked with adding @Scope(value=“prototype”). appropriate fields are getting injected properly on each service task even though both used same javadelegate class.