Java Object as DMN input


I am new to Camunda DMN engine.
Can I have a java object as DMN engine’s input?

Giving example that I have java class
public class Car {
String maker;
int yearMade;
String condition;
String color;
Person owner;

and my decision table might look like this:-
|Rules | input 1 | input 2 | output |
|Rule 1 | car.maker is xmw | car.condition is new | discount 10% |
|Rule 2 | car.condition is used | car.yearMade is 5 | Free new tyres |

I have read on this section
But I am not sure if it fit my purpose and I can’t find more example on this custom data type transformer.


You can use object like input, for example you can looke there:


This is “address” of parameter in java

Hi @kotskin
Can the input itself is a object instead of typeRef=“String” in your example?

      <input id="InputClause_0ohc5m6" label="Vehicle Manufacturer" camunda:inputVariable="">
    <inputExpression id="LiteralExpression_0o7difo" typeRef="string">

It only allow output the dataType value? Can I perform action in the output column like change application.applicant.age to another value?
JFYI, I am not using the BPMN so business task rule is not a solution?