Java only, no Spring


I can execute a defined process in a BPMN using pure Java. I don’t want to use Spring.


I can make use of this ->

You can indeed.
There shouldn’t be anything stopping you.

Hello, and thanks for replying.

Finally I have been a bit useless, and with the above I have not been able to run the BPMN, so I opted for a solution that I saw on your youtube channel.

but I have questions …

  1. How best behaves camunda, with a database in memory or with a PostgreSQL?. I suppose it will be better with PostgreSQL, but I want to contrast it.
  2. In image 1. The error has been eliminated by closing the engine, but is it really the solution?, or am I losing efficiency?.
  3. Where can I get the schema from the database?
  4. In image 2, is there another way to instantiate the engine, to avoid the blocked?