JavaScript - Parse Json

I am modeling a BPMN that calls a decision rule task via REST and when I try to send the parameter in the payload variable, Camunda return an error message that the parameter is unrecognized, how can I pass these kind of parameter to have the right structure in the Json file?

It seems that it is missing the double quotes…

Json(payload variable):
{"variables": {"STR_Campanha" : {"value" : #{STR_Campanha} , "type": "String"}, "COD_IndexadorProposta" : {"value" : #{COD_IndexadorProposta} , "type": "String"} } }

Error message:
{"type":"JsonMappingException","message":"Unrecognized token 'LEILAO_FUNCIONARIO_2016': was expecting ('true', 'false' or 'null')\n at [Source:$1$1@5b404b4b; line: 2, column: 59]\n at [Source:$1$1@5b404b4b; line: 2, column: 24] (through reference chain:[\"variables\"])"}

Hi @Rudson_Rodrigues,

can you provide the payload which is sent via the REST API?

In your JSON payload, there seems to be two placeholders #{STR_Campanha}. How do you build the payload?

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